Chip Tuning Training

The information on ECU drivers circulating on the Internet, or among friends are in most cases very limited and inchoate.

The aim of the training, during which some very interesting and never published information will be presented, is to clarify the technicians / mechanics how the ECU actually works and what are the actual ECU parameters modifications possibilities.

Using the new software and optimization of the ECU can dramatically improve the vehicles fuel economy and dynamics.

Training programmes in V-tech covering tuning based on WinOLS software and tools produced by EVC Electronic are authorized by the EVC.

Types of training programmes

We offer training programmes at two levels: basic and professional and a training programme covering WinOLS software.

Course Dates

Course dates are set individually. Please contact us.

Confirmation of participation

Participation in the training is automatically confirmed after 3 (three) working days from the issuance of the proforma invoice, except for the situation when Audi VW Upgrades receives to its e-mail address a statement from the client that he does not want to confirm the course date. After 3 (three) working days from the issuance of the proforma invoice the participation in training the registration for course becomes binding for both parties and the payment must be settled according to the conditions indicated on the invoice. (300 AUD at the time of booking - the total amount 10 working days before the training).

Course date changing.

Should a participant wish to change his or her booking (change course dates), please send a request at our email address not later than 4 (four) weeks before the training date agreed upon. The change of the course date requires the payment to be settled according to the conditions shown above. The new date must be set within 14 days after the confirmation of the date change and training must take place no later than 2 (two) months from the issuance of the invoice.
In case of the course date change, we reserve the right to request a one-time fee of 100 AUD  required to cover the administrative costs.


Level 1 (2 day training) Level 2 (2 day training) WinOLS training Level 2 + WinOLS (3 day training)
1 Person 1300 AUD 1500 AUD 750 AUD 1800 AUD
2 Persons 2200 AUD 2500 AUD 1400 AUD 3000 AUD
3 Persons 2700 AUD 3100 AUD 1950 AUD 3900 AUD