Dynometer measurements - the basis for professional chip tuning

When we go to the doctor, it's hard to imagine that this kind of professional who takes care of our health - something that's expensive and important to us - won't use professional equipment. The shamans are the domain of the past.

The same is true for safe chip tuning of cars and trucks. Program modifications to the heart of the car, the engine control unit (ECU), require accurate and excellent feedback data showing the extent and impact of the tuning modification. This applies not only to the diagram from the dynometer with torque and engine power, but also the composition of the mixture (lambda measurement), boost pressure as a function of RPM, the content of particles in the exhaust gas, exhaust gas temperature or environmental conditions, under which the car obtained one or another result on the dyno.

The inability to accurately measure these parameters in real time, as well as the inability to overlay them on a graph as a function of engine RPM, leaves the tuner relying more on his own gut feeling than on professional action based on hard data. A car after such amateur tuning, often done on the street (so-called "doorstep chip tuning"), at the gas station or in the car without basic equipment for chip tuning (which is after all dynometer) can't be checked before starting a normal drive. The lack of verification of the impact of the changes makes chip tuning without a dyno a daily experiment, taking place during daily operation. When something fails, it's hard to even assess why it happened. A home-grown tuner will usually disavow. After all, the car had been driven after tuning... Well, for a short time? Maybe it was bad luck, or it was too old... Or the exhaust temperature was too high under load - but the tuner didn't check that, because there was no place to accelerate up to 200 km/h to properly load the car. Relevant, however, is who pays for the repair? You pay...

If you decide to buy a car, which is not cheap after all, it is hard to imagine that you save on fuel, pouring mixtures of unknown origin into the tank or tuning it in the neighbour's garden. It's like being invited to an important party, having an expensive suit in your closet, and at the end, as a cost-saving measure, going there in dirty work clothes because it costs too much to have the suit cleaned at the dry cleaners. Alternatively, we can ask the above-mentioned neighbour to clean our suit with solvent - after all, he claims to know everything, he did it many times and everyone was satisfied. People who give their suits to professional dry cleaners are idiots - after all, a bottle of solvent is cheaper. He can also tune up your car, replace your brakes, rewire your home's fuses, and redo your facade in his spare hours. Cheap. But what about the quality?

ECU Tunes road dyno attached:

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