A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a filter that captures and stores exhaust soot in diesel cars, in order to reduce emissions. DPFs do not have an unlimited capacity to store soot, so it is important that they are emptied or "burned off" on a regular basis in order to regenerate the DPF. 

DPFs become clogged over time for a range of reasons. These can include extensive urban driving (lots of stopping and starting, as opposed to highway driving at a constant speed), faulty EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), using the wrong oil in your engine, faulty fuel injectors, a malfunctioning turbocharger, or not driving for long enough periods.

When a DPF becomes blocked, an engine fault code will display on your dashboard. If this warning is ignored over time, the blocked DPF will cause the car to lose power and go into 'limp' mode. Obviously, there are certain instances where this can be extremely dangerous. 

As well, driving your vehicle with a blocked DPF can seriously damage your engine/turbo. This becomes a very expensive problem to fix if you have to replace a turbo. 

The good news is that there are products available that help to easily and effectively regenerate your DPF system. The DPF Power Cleaner has been engineered specifically for this purpose. 

Regular use of this product as a maintenance strategy reduces downtime for your diesel engine vehicle. When mild service is necessary, the Bluechem DPF Top Gun Cleaner combined with the High-Pressure Gun allows you to clean the DPF without removing it from the vehicle. 

If the DPF has become clogged by a build-up of soot and residue, a more aggressive treatment is required. DPF Flushing is a chemical process that penetrates deep inside the honeycomb structure of the DPF, ensuring that carbon and soot residue is dissolved and efficiently blasted out. The flushing liquid is safe for use with aluminium, magnesium, zinc and cadmium parts. 

These services are perfectly adapted for the latest generation of particulate filters and will ensure that your engine runs powerfully, efficiently and safely.